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Consider this for a moment:

Let’s say that you owned a high-performance race car. And you just knew there was much more performance you get from that car.

What would you do to get improved performance?

What would you do to get better results from that vehicle?

Would you change the tires?


Would you install new seats or maybe paint the car a different color?

Would you get tinted windows?

Would you get a better radio?

Maybe better pin-stripping?

...Of course not, you wouldn’t do any of those things…you’d get under the hood of the car or you’d find someone skilled in that area…to get under the hood and get to the engine the parts that influence the car’s performance in order to improve their efficiency to improve the overall performance of the car.

You would work on the cause not the effects, right?

The same principles apply to human beings, except of course the legacy of our performance is in the mind.

Let me stay with the car analogy to make a further point for you to consider…if I were to offer to service your car given that I have no experience or understanding of even how a car even works would you entertain that idea? SO WHEN YOU APPLY the very same principle to business it really is quite astonishing to think that organizations spend significant amounts of money employing people in leadership positions…people’s who primary responsibility is to improve performance through people yet those employees have little or no understanding how the mind works. The very aspect of the human personality that delivers performance rather that performance is good, mediocre, or poor. When you really step back and think about that it’s an incredible business risk it literally leaves short meaning and long-term growth of that business to chance.

Now the mind is the epicenter of performance and as a coach and a leader it is vitally

important that you understand it’s operations and the creative process within the mind delivers the results that we achieve in our lives.

What we are about to learn provides clarity, context, and order to our mind in relation to the work we are doing as professional coaches and the graph that underpins this learning is the work of man called: Dr. Thurman Fleet DR. THURMAN FLEET PHD / HUMAN BODY/ BRAIN -Dr. Thurman Fleet was a chiropractor back in the 1930’s in San Antonio, Texas. (He founded the Concept-Therapy Zone Healing Technique in 1931) Dr. Fleet became frustrated at the medical professions propensity to focus all of its efforts on the effects of disease (i.e., the physical symptoms) not the cause of the disease and that which was going on in the mind. He realized that the conventional approach of masking symptoms through the use of drugs was actually failing to address the problem at hand and it was significantly impeding his ability to help his patients overcome their symptoms.

So, Dr. Thurman Fleet phd began to treat his patients holistically dealing with the entire broad spectrum of their being working with their body mind and soul. Our nature is 3- fold…

We are three (3) fold human beings 

Spiritual beings gifted with an intellect living in a physical body

1. Spiritual

2. Intellect

3. Physical

And when Fleet began to work on the unseen part of the personality his patients made

significant progress far beyond that which the conventional approach was achieving.

However, after a certain amount of time his patients appeared to hit a glass ceiling they seem to plateau in their progress and some even stopped making improvements and after exploring this for a while Fleet realized that his patients didn’t really have any kind of understanding of the process, they were experiencing with further investigation what he found was they had no picture to work with. Because human beings think in pictures.

Think about it “if you think about your front door - do you see an image of your front door or the letters spelling out Front door? Now think about your car and the image is instantly replaced with your car. Did you see an image of a car or the letters C.A.R.?

We are literally wired to think in pictures…

We are wired to see is pictures this is why in Proverbs 29:18 it states where there is no

vision, the people perish: with out an image to work with confusion sets in…but he that keep the the law, happy is he.

This is what John Maxwell teaches it’s so important to cast a vision in leadership people just can’t buy into something they can not see. Now clearly the mind is the unseen part of the personality and as no one’s seen the mind before.

Curve to Success Coaching
Curve to Success Coaching

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