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….stay curious, explore your possibilities and see the life you crave come into focus….

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Could High Performance Coaching Benefit You?


I help people answer the question:


What’s your more? 



Think about that for a moment…

if happiness is a response to an outcome that must be constantly searched for, and success is the realization of a worthy idea bringing constant joy.

Knowing you were not meant for conformity.You were meant for a purpose.Meaning some ideas are so powerful that simply becoming aware of them could change your life forever.

Wouldn’t you want to “explore the possibilities” of what your more is?

Performance coaching through course corrections are the inroads to:

∙Executing your strategy.
∙Navigating adversity, and or GAILs

∙Exploring your possibilities finding that constant joy



Your understanding of what are GAILs will start to unfold throughout the debrief process as well as other areas of awareness, such as self-efficacy, your circle, and the culture.


  Our GAIL’s are our: 

  • Gremlins

  • Assumptions

  • Interpretations

  • Limiting beliefs


  • You must know yourself to grow yourself.

  • Overcoming your shortcomings and clearing the path for personal and professional growth

  • Understand how others are different and how to work with each personality.

  • Build a stronger team that communicates, learns effective strategies for handling conflict and personality.

  • Developing yourself and others to be their best, while growing towards the best version of their future selves. 

Vicki Tomlinson Script.png

Executive Director with the John Maxwell Group

Certified Trainer & Consultant The Maxwell DISC Method Advanced Behavioral Analysis

Maxwell Certified Speaker and Coach

iPEC Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

International Coaching Federation (ICF) Member


I help people see and believe in their own potential and possibilities. 

As a coach, speaker, mentor, and most of all a friend with a passion for growing people. It was through this personal growth and development journey in helping others to find their more and raise the lid in their lives that has taken me from dysfunction, to disconnected, to finding my way. I am truly a student of everything I teach, train, and speak on. My love for business, people and growth has allowed for my true purpose in life to unfold through everything I do.

My personal vision is to have a bigger impact... I didn't want to just be a motivational speaker where people come to hear a message and then have all the best intentions while they're sitting in the audience and thinking tomorrow is going to be a new day… Then tomorrow comes, life happens, and things get put on the shelf, as the dust settles so does the dreams and aspirations only to be left wondering…what happened!

You, have all the answers within you…and as your coach I help you bring them to the surface.

Giving you the space to see where you are right now, allowing you fill the gaps, lay out the steps, and build the bridge towards the vision of your future self. What lies ahead is an amazing journey, the choice is yours.

From my heart to yours,

Vicki Tomlinson Script.png

Performance coaching is about putting our personal lives and our organizations back together and on track simultaneously. It’s not a quick fix, it’s a wild and outrageous invitation allowing for some crazy, unchartered, sometimes unexpected outcomes with delightful insights yet frustrating predicaments – raising the lid, growing personally and professionally and through the process our organizations allowing ourselves to be put back together through being the best version of ourselves and the organizations we are apart of.

What is Performance Coaching
Curve to Success improves lives through learning, thinking, asking, doing and being in a conscious state of awareness. We give you a new lens to see the needed course corrections of life in finding your truth and building the best version of your future self.
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