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Missin Statement
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Mission Statement:

Giving people hope,

reminding them that their story is not over.


There are still miles to go,

and they don’t have to walk them alone.

Mingling from Above

Our Purpose

The purpose of Curve to Success is to give you a new lens to see the needed course corrections of life in finding your truth and building the best version of your future self.

wht t expect
“Lifting the fog to grow people into the leaders they aspire to be.”   
- Vicki Tomlinson

No matter if you’re in the fog or the fog is lifting. We all see, hear, and learn differently. Our personal season of learning may be now or from a different perspective a seed planted from a conversation, a training or something we read. It’s through these different perspectives in different ways and times that those seeds begin to take root and begin to resonate within us letting us know there’s more, what we do with it is what gives our future self the edge. 


Where would you, or your organization like to start your journey in lifting the fog?


  • We Speak 

  • We Coach                                

  • We Train

  • We play the Leadership Game

  • We Assess Behavior 

If you or your organization would like more information about the services we provide, please set up a free Discovery Meeting.

curve to success oppening.jpg

What You Can Expect

As a leadership coach, my job is to help clients raise their awareness and focus on a range of key areas, breaking through barriers and lifting mental blocks through “coaching at the core” empowering them to make better decisions that ultimately leads to improved performance personally and professionally in communication, relationships and more.


As your coach, I will be listening, allowing you to explain how we will spend our time together. I will be asking questions, some of them might be for me to get clarity, and some of them might be thought-provoking. Creating the coaching agreement for that session. As the client’s level of awareness goes up, more opportunities and choices become available to them to explore and the more confident and motivated the coaching relationship becomes, the more value the client sees in having a thinking partner aka coach. 


Now, make no mistake in thinking this is not hard work for the client, there will be times when it will take longer than expected with setbacks along the way and other times it will just flow as planned.


A coaching engagement provides a confidential, non-judgmental structured environment for the client to work in. Once the foundation and structure are built around anabolic energy, using specific goals and tools such as building leadership or performance skill for the next level, no matter if we're designing, reorganizing, or building an employee engagement plan, or any personal endeavor it can be approached with this new lens giving the client and the organization a much higher probability for success. 


Steven Pressfield wrote in his book: “The War of Art. Most of us have two lives. This life we live – and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands resistance.”


This is where coaching “coaching at the core” is meant to break through that resistance, giving the client the ability to explore the possibilities of a life not yet lived.


The ultimate aim of Curve to Success is to support professionals in unlocking their full potential, surpassing their goals, and attaining extraordinary levels of success. 

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