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To Be the Master of You—Be the Master of Your View

Master You

Our sight is an incredible gift. We use it for practically everything we do in our daily lives, from driving to work to recognizing our friends in a crowd.

It’s also a powerful tool. We can fix our sight on things that help us become the best version of ourselves – or on things that slowly tear us down.

I’ll never forget a discussion about sight I had years ago with my daughter, Brandi. We were talking about donating organs. She said, “The eyes are the window to the soul.” Then she raised a poignant question.

“Would seeing with another person’s eyes change your own view of the world?” she asked.

Even now, 20 years later, that question has a profound impact on me and how I do business.

If my eyes are the window to my soul, then I must guard what I allow in to influence me. And I can only do this by taking custody of my eyes. This simply means that I must have the self-control to decide how to see things.

Sound easy?

It’s not. Images are powerful. Maintaining custody of my eyes is a constant struggle.

But when I fix my sight on positive images, my outlook becomes increasingly positive. I set myself apart from the world. It takes self-control and discipline, but I’m rewarded with increasing joy, focus, and peace.

How do you see the world? Your family? Your business? Do you fix your eyes on the positive?

Your Curve to Success

AIM: Gain custody of your eyes for real growth.

FOCUS: Learn to control what you look at and how you view the things around you.

GROW: Schedule time to go to a place that elevates your soul. Reflect on and evaluate the focus of your eyes and what it reveals about your values.

Curve to Success LLC is about staying curious, exploring your possibilities, and seeing the life you crave come into focus. It’s about putting our personal lives and our organizations, back together and on track simultaneously. It’s not a quick fix, it’s a wild and outrageous invitation allowing for some crazy, unchartered, and sometimes unexpected outcomes with delightful insights yet frustrating predicaments – raising the lid, growing personally and professionally and through the process our organizations allowing ourselves to be put back together through being the best version of ourselves and the organizations we are a part of.

Vicki Tomlinson shares more than 30 years of experience in growing people, and the organizations they are a part of.

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