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Different by Design

Let’s get right to it: Finding a workplace with true employee engagement is rare. And I mean rare.

How do I know?

Suppose your team is in a boat, moving down a river. A recent Gallup poll tells us that your crew looks something like this:

▪ Three out of the 10 people in your boat are engaged and committed to their work. They’re enthusiastically rowing your boat forward.

▪ Five people are not engaged at all. Instead of contributing, they’re passively taking in the scenery and committing little to directing the boat toward its destination.

▪ Two people onboard are completely disengaged and maybe even hostile. They might be trying to poke holes in the boat to make it sink!

Talk about a precarious and unfortunate ride!

But here’s the most amazing thing. Only 40 organizations around the world are doing something about it.

These 40 winning organizations are spread out over 10 countries, each bucking the trend and setting new standards. They’re bucking our philosophies too, because employee success is clearly not dependent on our economy or culture like some of us think.

How are they doing it?

The CEOs and HR leaders of these companies are young and globally diverse. They’re laser-focused and willing to invest in a strong learning culture.

They know that leveraging human capital is the key to sustainable growth and economic prosperity. They understand that engagement drives real business outcomes. So they build employee engagement with these four key areas of focus:

▪ Strategy and Leadership

▪ Accountability and Performance

▪ Communication and Knowledge

▪ Development and Ongoing Education

And it’s working.

According to the Gallup poll, these 40 organizations average nine engaged employees who are focused on creating value for every one disengaged employee. That’s more than five times the average in the U.S. and more than 16 times the rate for work forces globally!

Here’s why this matters for you: More and more leaders are shifting to this new standard. So either you’re rolling up your sleeves and ready to get to work – or you’re preparing to get left behind within four to seven years.

So ask yourself this question: “Where am I?”

Are you connected and rowing in one direction? Are you disengaged? Or are you the one trying to sink the ship?

This isn’t about raising your hand or pointing fingers. It’s not about whining or making excuses. It’s simply about becoming aware right now of where you are today.

And then ask yourself this next question: “Am I all in?”

That is, are you ready to become engaged?

Because if you are, we have some work to do.

Our big theme this year is “a different design.” We’ll work on differentiating the identity of your organization through your people and your culture. We’ll share ideas on how to shift your philosophy and design for business growth and success. We’ll also provide the areas in which you can aim, focus, and grow.

So opt in yourself, opt in your team – and opt in for winning outcomes!

Your Curve to Success

AIM: Get engaged.

FOCUS: Build relationships.

GROW: Look for new opportunities.

Curve to Success LLC is about staying curious, exploring your possibilities, and seeing the life you crave come into focus. It’s about putting our personal lives and our organizations, back together and on track simultaneously. It’s not a quick fix, it’s a wild and outrageous invitation allowing for some crazy, unchartered, and sometimes unexpected outcomes with delightful insights yet frustrating predicaments – raising the lid, growing personally and professionally and through the process our organizations allowing ourselves to be put back together through being the best version of ourselves and the organizations we are a part of.

Vicki Tomlinson shares more than 30 years of experience in growing people, and the organizations they are a part of.

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